Tsunami Aid For Sri Lanka

Tsunami Aid Sri Lanka – Brothers of the Poor

Immediately after the December 26, 2004 tsunami, we organized to provide food, water, shelter, and educational opportunity for the tsunami orphans and other children affected by this disaster. In addition, we provide assistance to the poorest people who lost everything and to those who lost some or all of their family members, to help build their lives back to some normalcy.

The eastern coast of Sri-Lanka was the hardest hit part of the country. As the least economically developed area of the country, the eastern province is populated mostly by fishermen, farmers, and unskilled laborers. There is a small middle class primarily made up of teachers, clerical workers, and business men. Far from the capital and big cities, the region does not traditionally get much attention during normal times. Even by Sri-Lankan standards, the majority of the people living in this part of the country are poor. Access to the region is difficult even during normal times. This part of the country needs your help.

Between the cities of Trincomalee, Batticaloa, and Akkaraipattu, which covers approximately 120 miles of the eastern coast, we have several missionaries affiliated with our organization who have agreed to care for over 250 tsunami orphans and the poorest families. A local priest, the Rev. Fr. Clement Annadas, is our operations director. These missionaries are already doing much with the limited resources that we are currently providing. They are running three large orphanages in these areas. The orphans are in need of food, medicine, housing, and counseling to deal with the trauma of this disaster. Children have lost their family members, their homes, and their belongings.

Your assistance will help these poor victims in the most difficult times of their lives. Your help will enable the orphans to survive and grow in a better environment and will help families and communities rebuild. Your donation will go to work directly without going through a bureaucracy or any red tape. Since our organization director directly transfers all funds to those who are implementing the relief projects, the entire amount of your donation will go to the direct provision of aid to the survivors in the area. He regularly reports to the organization regarding how the funds are being allocated and the progress being made in their efforts. The aid is being provided on an inclusive basis to people in the area, regardless of their own religious or ethnic affiliations. Our plan is to continue to give assistance to the orphans and to the poorest residents, with the longer-term goal of resettling these people through the building of new houses and community infrastructure.

Currently, we are focusing on continuing our assistance to the children who are residing in several locations such as Trincomalle, Batticaloa, Sorrikkalmunai and Akkaraipattu.